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chip layout (photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)

Summer Activities by the Computer Architecture Student Association

July 5, 2021

Visit the CASA Website for More Information

CASA, the Computer Architecture Student Association, is an independent student-run organization that spans across all of the SIGs and TCs in the computer architecture community. CASA's vision is to ensure student wellbeing and foster a sense of belonging, with the goal of nurturing a vibrant, inviting, and productive student community. Since its formation in October 2020, CASA has spearheaded several initiatives in the community, including student mentoring activities, raising awareness about student wellbeing, and events for socializing and building connections.

Recent events organized by CASA include a summer reading group on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the architecture community, a WCAE 2021 paper on the state of mentoring in the community and the need for long-term mentoring programs, and the online ArchChat social hour. If you're interested in learning more about CASA, or would like to participate in organizing future events, please visit the CASA website and sign up!