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chip layout (photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)

SIGMICRO Service Award/Dissertation Award/Early Carrer Award Winners for 2023

November 13, 2022

SIGMICRO Distinguished Service Award
SIGMICRO Dissertation Award
SIGMICRO Early Carrer Award

Congratulations to three recent award winners for significant contributions to the SIGMICRO community / excellent thesis research / outstanding early career research!

  • Yan Solihin, 2023 SIGMICRO Distinguished Service Award
    Yan is being recognized for his enduring and broad contributions including his work as NSF Program Director, his leadership of the SIGMICRO History Project, co-founding SEED, and his many stints as general and program chair of leading conferences.
  • Kazem Taram, 2023 SIGMICRO Dissertation Award
    Kazem is being recognized for his dissertation which deepens our understanding of how microarchitectural optimizations can leak information and proposes secure yet high-performance architectures that preserve those optimizations, easing the inherent security-performance tension.
  • Jian Huang, 2023 SIGMICRO Early Career Award
    Jian is being recognized for his pioneering contributions to persistent memory, storage architectures and systems.